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Psychotherapy & Immigration Services

After graduating from New York University, Claudia has served as a professional psychotherapist for people of diverse backgrounds and contexts. Currently, Claudia’s office is located in Charlotte’s southern neighborhood of Providence Plantation. Claudia offers assistance through online psychotherapy sessions that help individuals to process and respond to circumstances in a healthy manner. Whether you are new to Charlotte or have lived here for awhile, Claudia’s therapy services can help with a variety of life stages and transitions. Learn more about Claudia’s services below!


Therapy Services

Credentials & Education:

  • Westchester Center For The Study Of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (WCSPP): Psychoanalysis Training

  • New York University: Master of Social Work

Immigration Evaluations

  • I-601 Extreme Hardship Waiver

  • VAWA Application

  • U-Visa Application

  • Other Humanitarian Forms


Office Address

2722 Plantation Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28270

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