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I see people as unique and complex individuals with their own histories, desires, strengths, and needs. My confidence in this work comes from having had the privilege of seeing so many women and men come to grips with their most difficult problems, emerging wiser, happier, and more complete. I look forward to working together.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a conversation about the difficulties that we face in life. It is a journey between therapist and client. There are many types of psychotherapy, which can be used to address different challenges troubling an individual. Psychotherapy can help you deal with a wide variety of mental disorders and emotional difficulties including depression and anxiety. Relational difficulties at work or school, in your marriage and with your children are also commonly addressed through psychotherapy. Basically, therapy can help you in all aspects of your life, helping you to understand your feelings and gain greater control of your mental health.

Therapies include; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Person-centered, Multicultural, Cultural-sensitive, Eclectic, Emotional Focus, Interpersonal, Relational, and Strength-based,

Online Psychotherapy

The foundation of psychotherapy is based on regular meetings between a therapist and individual. While Claudia is based in Charlotte, NC, online appointments allow her to continue providing therapy services across New York State where she maintains an active license. Online sessions are secure and private, hosted via with complete HIPAA compliance. Through our online format, you can schedule consultations more conveniently without worrying about traveling to a physical office. If you would like to schedule an online psychotherapy consultation, please contact us today!


Price $150 + Sliding Scale.

I don’t accept insurance but will give an invoice that you can submit to your provider

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